Contract Parking: Flat Rate Parking


We manage consumer value. 

Our contract parking services give your consumers better value, peace of mind and loyalty incentives. We offer inexpensive tariffs for anyone who parks regularly and for longer than 3 months in the same car park. Tariffs can be selected according to parking habits (daytime, residential, business), and payment is made monthly. Guarantee parking revenue, retain custom and deliver value for money. 


Tariffs built for your customers. 

Our tariffs are built for your customers, with different options available for different types of parking behaviour. Contract parking tickets are valid only for parking within hours specified by the tariff – 24/7 for residents, business hours for business use. We’ll work with you to analyse parking behaviour before we draw up a tariff, ensuring you’re offering your regular car park users the services they really want. 


Easy contracts, no hassle to you. 

We draw up, manage and conclude contracts with your regular car park users: you don’t have to worry about a thing. A contract parking ticket usually lasts for a minimum of three months, with an unlimited term after that. Customers may conclude their flat rate parking contract at any time after the initial three months, online; with a telephone call; or at the car park itself. Contract payments are made every month, either through a direct debit or by a convenient credit card payment. 


Flat rate parking, guaranteed income. 

The benefits to your car park users are easy to translate into revenue. With guaranteed parking spaces, flexible parking times (a 24/7 contract ticket will let car park users park as many times as they wish in a 24-hour period) and priority access, regular contract users guarantee predictable income for a minimum of three months. 

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  • Consumers may drive in and out of your car park as often as they wish for a fixed monthly price.
  • Priority tariffs reserve spaces.
  • Car parks may be accessed even when full.
  • Consumers no longer have to search for a parking bay.
  • 24/7 tariffs allow residents to use car parks whenever they like.
  • Special terms for corporate customers.

24/7 tariff

Car park users drive in and out as often as they wish at a fixed monthly price

Basic tariff

Car park users drive in and out as often as they wish during normal car park opening hours.