We manage money. 

With an APCOA PARKING prepaid Value Card, your car park user can prepay parking fees and use your property until the money on the card has run out. Offer consumers an ideal alternative to paying in money at your machines, and incentivise future use of your car park. Value Cards are simple, effective and an excellent option for car park users who don’t want to remember their spare change every time they leave the house. 


It’s easy to pay. 

Your car park user can prepay parking fees online, over the phone or in person at your car park. 


More ways to guarantee parking income. 

The prepaid parking Value Card guarantees extra parking income because users must pay for it before they can park. Money left over on the card after one park means the consumer is likely to come back and park again, even if he or she has to top up the card with cash to do so. 


No time limit, no dissatisfied customers.

With no time limit on a prepaid parking Value Card, your consumer can come and go as he or she pleases as long as there is credit left on the ticket. This ticketing structure is ideal for car park users who regularly use your property, but with gaps between days of use: for example consumers doing their weekly shopping. 


Like money, only better. 

For your consumer, prepay parking Value Cards are like carrying money for the car park, only more convenient. They’re not bulky, they don’t roll under the passenger seat or fall out of the driver’s pocket and get lost. Your car park user will never be caught short again. 


  • Give your consumers more ways to pay.
  • Encourage repeat visits to your car park.
  • Ideal for car park users who don’t carry change.