We manage events. 

Our event passes are perfect for event car park management at temporary, large scale or special occasions. A single exit pass is given to each visitor, which is valid to let the customer out of your car park just once. The exit pass expires after a given length of time to maintain control of future car park use


Ideal for corporate events. 

Event passes are perfect for corporate events. Hand out an exit pass with each delegate pack, and you’ve got event parking control covered. 


Override your payment machine.

Avoid the hassle of letting hundreds of guests out of a car park with a payment machine present. Event passes override the system, sending a once-only command to the barrier to open without requiring payment at the pay station. You won’t have to station a car park attendant at the barrier to manually open the exit for each guest, or supply your visitors with tokens or money to operate the payment machine before they leave.


Treat your guests like VIPs.

It’s the little things that make a corporate event memorable: like the attention to detail evident in supplying every delegate with a free car park exit pass. Make more of an impression for minimal outlay, speed up event parking and traffic control, and ensure everyone leaves happy. 



  • Offer free parking to event attendees.
  • Speed up exiting and minimise traffic congestion.
  • Simple to use.
  • No need for extra staff.