We manage prepay. 

We manage prepaid season tickets for your car park, allowing users to drive in and out of the property as many times as they like within a defined time period. Car park season tickets give you yet another way to increase user loyalty and offer excellent service value. 


The flexible prepaid parking ticket. 

Our prepaid car park season tickets can be bought for any period of time. Prepaid season tickets are ideal for car park users who don’t want to commit to monthly debit payments, or who only need to park in the same place for a week or two. 


Many options, all bases covered. 

Your customer can choose from different  prepaid parking ticket options. Daily tickets allow the customer to drive in and out of your car park multiple times in a single day – ideal for business trips, shopping trips and holidaymakers. Weekly tickets are also perfect for holidaymakers, or customers who are parking temporarily in your car park for more than one day. Monthly tickets offer the best value for money for car park users who don’t want to tie themselves up with a long term contract. All periods may be extended and renewed according to the customers needs and wishes. 


Tariffs designed for your user. 

Our prepaid car park season ticket tariffs have been designed after extensive research into car park user behaviour. By offering different  types of parking season ticket; plus a longer contract parking ticket, you’re giving car park users the most popular choices. 


Three ways to pay. 

Your car park users can buy car park season tickets in three different ways: online, on the phone, or at your car park. They can choose when their season ticket starts (very useful for customers who have parked for one day already, and want their prepaid season ticket to start from their next visit), and can renew or top up their prepaid card when it expires. Payment is made in advance, so there’s no need to worry about contractual payments coming out of a customer’s bank account. 


  • Car park users can drive in and out as many times as they like with a valid season ticket.
  • An ideal alternative to long term rental contracts.
  • One fixed payment in advance.
  • Car park season tickets can be renewed or topped up.