We manage time. 

Our time-based prepay parking Value Cards are ideal for hotels, hostels, leisure facilities and supermarkets that give customers a limited amount of free parking. The ticket is issued on entry, and will work to allow the car park user to exit while the time period is in effect. If your user stays longer than his or her allotted time, he or she pays the difference. Stay in control of your free parking with no extra hassle. 


An automated time credit system. 

We can automate the whole system to run with no interference from property managers, and direct all enquiries and problems either to on site APCOA PARKING staff or an offsite contact centre. 


Time Value Cards are ideal for retail and hospitality car parks. 

You can specify any time value on your Value Card, making it ideal for shopping centres, supermarkets and hotels. During the prepay parking period, the Value Card will give your customer access to parking facilities. When the free period has elapsed, the Value Card will no longer activate the barrier mechanism. Enforce your parking restrictions fairly and keep the goodwill of genuine customers. 


Time is in your hands. 

You choose how much time is added to each Value Card – it can be as short or as long a period as you like. For hotels, hostels and holiday apartments, we can specify an expiry time to coincide with checkout on the last day of your guests’ stay. 


Charge in line with parking times. 

Our Value Card system works out how much your car park user should pay if he or she goes over his or her allotted time, according to the standard tariff displayed in your property.


  • Offer free parking periods for customers.
  • Enforce overstay payments fairly.
  • Keep the trust of your car park users.
  • Automatically control how long guests can use your car park for free.