APCOA Connect is our easy way to pay for parking. Rather than using Pay & Display machines, APCOA Connect allows our customers to pay for their parking session by credit or debit card securely via their mobile phones.

Whether you are running late for a train or meeting, cannot find coins for the Pay & Display machine or simply want to extend your parking session without returning to your vehicle, APCOA Connect is the convenient solution.


  • Improved customer experience
  • Customer data can be made available for further use in marketing
  • Lower costs for cash collection and handling as well as ticket machines. The risk of cash theft is reduced.
  • Fast implementation: System can be up and running in 3 days
  • PCI compliant
  • Recently independently verified as being robust and secure

Contact us for more information at uksales(at)apcoa.com


  • 1.9 Million transactions a year
  • 550 P&D Sites with APCOA Connect
  • 1.1 Million Registered Users