We manage environmentally friendly fuels.

Give your customers the flexibility to fill up how they choose with our E-Mobility stations. We’re equipping our client’s car parks with the filling stations of the future: electric car charging stations for the owners of electric and hybrid vehicles to use while they shop, attend meetings and travel. Offer more for customers with environmentally friendly vehicles, and broaden your consumer base.


Changing the way your customers see parking.

Owners of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles face two problems: short range and long charging times. Parking bays that charge their vehicles while they shop, attend corporate events or travel are ideal solutions to both. Incorporating E-charging bays in your car park will also raise your profile as a forward thinking and environmentally friendly business.


Making short-range trips more efficient.

Consumers who travel by electric car are much more likely to use your car park when they can recharge their vehicles while they run errands, do the shopping or go to the gym. Widen your appeal to local car park users. Deliver more for short range electric car users and boost profitability.


APCOA leads the way for the driver of the future. 

There are already electric car charging stations at many APCOA-managed locations. To turn your car park into a future-friendly environment, contact your APCOA PARKING co-ordinator today.


Contact us for more information at uksales(at)apcoa.com



  • Reach out to the environmentally conscious market.
  • Get your property ready for the vehicles of the future.
  • Visibly raise your eco-friendly credentials.
  • Broaden your appeal for short range electric car travel.