Since the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 became law, new measures have been introduced which enable local authorities to fine anyone committing an offence that damages the street scene. Councils understand the need to manage and maintain the cleanliness of their streets; the priority is to try and stop those people who do not behave responsibly.

Recent studies found that approximately

  • 62% of people in England are believed to drop litter at some point
  • 99% of streets in town centres have cigarette litter
  • Over 1 million fly-tipping incidents dealt with by Local Governments in the last 12 months and still rising

By patrolling town centres, parks, open spaces and high priority hot spots, street-based officers are able to promptly report and arrange clearance of incidents of fly-tipping, prevent cases of littering and dog fouling, and issue on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to offenders where necessary. These are the most common envirocrimes that local authorities are enforcing, but there are others that can be included under the legislation.
APCOA already provides environmental enforcement for a number of local authorities and can provide envirocrime expertise and resource to support councils to make their activities self-financing.

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