We are your parking manager.

With more than 40 years’ experience in car park management, APCOA PARKING has developed a unique offering. We’ve used our experiences running car parks and events in 13 countries to create service packages that let you put your own customers first. We innovate parking and traffic management technologies; we design parking systems with your consumers in mind; and we integrate on- and offline services and advertising to bring you the best profit for your investment. We’re more than just car park attendants and barrier engineers. We’re who you call when you want your car parks managed to grow, bring in revenue and answer the needs of the people parking on your property.

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You’re our sole partner.

APCOA PARKING does many things – car park management, parking enforcement, event management, online pre-booking – but there’s one theme that ties them all together. You. As landlord of the car parks we manage, it’s your interests we’re looking out for. We do that by taking on so much more than simple car park managing. Our analysts, our advertisers and marketing experts, are constantly looking at what your consumers want, so we can help you give it to them. And because we don’t own land or property, we’re never in competition with you. You’re our sole focus, and your interests are our interests.


We work in 13 countries.

APCOA PARKING manages car parks in 13 countries, for private landlords and public organisations. From local councils to private developments, we use on-the-spot knowledge and audience research to design tariffs appropriate to each area and parking packages that fit with country-specific regulations.


We work in all types of car park.

We deliver full management services for above ground car parks; multi storey car parks; underground car parks; and temporary car parks. Our main service areas include event management, corporate car parking, private landlord parking and local council parking enforcement: but we design and implement parking packages and associated services for a much wider range of clients.


We don’t just manage your car parks.

Our service is different. APCOA PARKING delivers more than just car park management. We manage your costs and revenue. We manage your advertising, online and off. We encourage co-operative ventures with businesses who could benefit from advertising exposure on your property. We manage taxi ranks and traffic flow at some of the biggest airports in the world. We even design new technologies and software systems to make traffic control and parking management easier.


We’re made from people.

The APCOA PARKING brand is built on expertise and innovation. Our employees have the experience, the knowledge and the creativity to continue expanding the idea of what a car park management company can do. Their local knowledge is at the heart of our service provision. Their expertise shapes the packages we offer and the technological advances we make. Honest, respectful interaction with one another is our first priority. That’s how we treat our employees, and our contractual partners. 

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