Car Park Advertising From Apcoa Parking

We manage advertising opportunities.

Your parking property is an ideal environment for advertising opportunities. By utilising billboards, on-ticket marketing and media installations, we can boost your revenue and deliver instant reach to consumers with considerable purchasing power – often in an environment where they will be able to convert their impulses into action. APCOA PARKING provides an ideal car park advertising solution for all industries, as these advertising spaces are located in shopping centres; at airports; at trade fairs; at hotels; in banks; and in stadia – anywhere there are consumers ready to buy.

Get more message for your investment.

Traditional external advertising spaces (the sides of buses, advertising hoardings and screens at roadside) are fleeting. Either the ad is moving, or the consumer is. In your parking property, the advertising spaces and the consumer are both stationary, or the consumer is driving very slowly. Car park advertising includes media boards in obligatory corridors; on driving direction signs; in the payment and barrier areas; on facades and entrances; and on the tickets themselves.

You’re limited only by your imagination.

There are no limits to the advertising possibilities presented by a managed car park property. Any kind of advert you can conceive, you can do. Brand your columns, sell advertising space on the exterior of your building, use barrier advertising and on-ticket promotion. Sell to businesses operating out of nearby properties for maximum rates and a high rate of consumer uptake. Your car park is your canvas. Use it.

Perfect campaigns, driven by APCOA.

We don’t just stop at managing your advertising space. We can design and run effective marketing campaigns on your behalf. Grow your profits with expert advice and campaign management from APCOA.  


  • Limitless car park advertising opportunities in a targeted environment
  • Advertise directly prior to a shopping decision
  • Target a wide demographic with considerable purchasing power
  • Expert advice and campaign management