COVID-19 Coronavirus: Parking and Traffic Management

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We’ve received a number of enquiries asking why APCOA parking officers are still on the streets.

Parking and traffic management is an important public service, providing benefits to the wider community by maintaining road safety and ensuring access to goods and services. During this challenging time for our country, this activity is critical as we support our emergency services and local authorities to ensure traffic is free-flowing and keep providing essential services. 

The reality is that without effective monitoring activity, authorities will not be able to manage the highways effectively.  APCOA continues to deploy our parking teams in support of this essential work, focusing on priority areas and controls, most especially around key areas of congestion and our NHS facilities. This includes tackling more serious parking contraventions and incidents of obstructive or dangerous parking that could have a more significant impact on safety and access for emergency and essential services.  It also covers parking on yellow lines and junctions, loading restrictions, zig zags at crossings, obstruction of dropped kerbs, and, where appropriate, parking on red routes.

As well as ensuring traffic flow and access for emergency services, our officers are providing advice about parking and trying to assist other key workers, from NHS staff and emergency services to carers and community volunteers.  The health, safety and welfare of our APCOA employees remains the prime focus for us and we are currently supporting a number of colleagues who are self-isolating. We appeal to everyone to remember at all times that our APCOA colleagues are people working in a public-facing role at a difficult time, and they deserve consideration and respect. 

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