APCOA Is Awarded Contract Extension In Kent (Archive)


June 2015 | APCOA Parking (UK) has been awarded a two-year contract extension to provide parking enforcement for Maidstone and Swale borough councils.

The increased 24-month term, which came into effect on 1 June 2015, will now extend APCOA’s enforcement presence in the historical Kent region until at least June 2018.

Since first being retained by Maidstone Borough Council in 2004, APCOA has been awarded two five-year contracts – and two further contract extensions to provide parking enforcement in Maidstone. 

In July 2011, APCOA’s enforcement remit was extended following the amalgamation of Maidstone and Swale’s parking enforcement, which were ring-fenced as part of an effective thought-leading and cost-saving exercise.  It subsequently gave rise to greener enforcement initiatives.

Now, APCOA’s civil enforcement officers are able to enforce on foot, on bike and use motorised vehicles sparingly to reduce their carbon footprint, while responding faster to inconsiderable parking complaints.

As part of its commitment for continuous development, APCOA is now looking to introduce two-way communication for its handheld computers to enable the live transfer of data.  Its implementation will also bring about further initiatives across both boroughs, such as virtual permits, as well as streamlining the administration process to help maximise the service benefits for the end user.

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APCOA is shortlisted for European Parking Award (Archive)


May 2015 | APCOA PARKING (UK) has been shortlisted for a prestigious parking award by the European Parking Association (EPA).

APCOA’s parking enforcement contract with the London Borough of Redbridge has been recognised for its innovative work around the way it enforces the UK government’s Blue Badge Scheme.

In August 2014, APCOA PARKING (UK) went live with its Blue Badge Initiative in Redbridge, which sought to refine the way civil enforcement officers inspect and retain misused, tampered or fraudulent blue badges.

In January 2015, APCOA PARKING Group received formal notification that the UK’s Redbridge contract had been shortlisted in Category 3 / Public Space On-Street Parking Projects in the EPA Awards 2015 on its measures to stop blue badge fraud.

Representatives of the EPA’s judging panel will now attend a presentation by representatives of the APCOA’s Park & Guard sector at London Luton Airport early next month (June 2015) to learn more about how the Blue Badge Initiative evolved, along with some of its accomplishments to date.

The winners of the on-street category will be announced at the 17th annual awards’ event in Berlin, Germany, on 23-25 September 2015.

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APCOA Has The Knowhow In Knowsley (Archive)


APCOA Parking (UK) has been awarded a new five-year contract to provide enforcement services for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

The new contract, which comes into effect on 11 May 2015, will see APCOA's Park & Guard sector provide Borough-wide parking enforcement and notice processing: comprising online permits and suspensions in the metropolitan borough of Knowlsey; part of the wider Liverpool City region.

As part of the value-added service solution, APCOA has committed to a continual review and streamlining of the services to help bring about multiple cost-savings and efficiencies.

Throughout the five-year term, which has the option to extend for a further two years, APCOA will draw down on its existing enforcement blueprint to provide continuity and best practice for Knowsley Council, while generating best value for taxpayers through a range of improvements and service initiatives in the borough.

A senior spokesperson for APCOA Parking (UK) said: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Knowsley Council to manage their parking enforcement requirements. We already manage a range of very successful operations in, particularly, the north and in the north west of the country, so the new contract is an important acquisition to further demonstrate our experience and enforcement services' business model."

APCOA now has 16 enforcement services' management contracts within their UK business portfolio. These range geographically from Maidstone and Swale in Kent to Wigan in the north west of England.

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APCOA Scoops Full Park Mark Accreditation At Kettering (Archive)


APCOA PARKING (UK) has been awarded five illustrious safer parking awards across its full car parking remit at Kettering General Hospital.

Following an assessment of five dedicated car parks, plus a number of smaller mixed used parking provisions, Crime Prevention Design Advisor and Park Mark assessor - PC Kelly McDermott of Thrapston Police Station, found that all areas recorded very low levels of crime and were broadly well-maintained throughout.

In his summary reports, PC McDermott found that, even with the high throughput of traffic at Kettering, all car park provisions were well run.  The assessment also found that APCOA staff are fully-conversant with all management practices and standard operating procedures to warrant receiving a full scoop of the Park Mark awards.

Elsewhere, vehicle egress and exit to and from the parking facilities at Kettering was identified as being well controlled by APCOA, with help points at all barriers.  In addition, pedestrian access is defined with marked walkways and access points into the available parking provisions.

The hospital operates a 24-hour pay-on-foot system, where all shifts are manned around the clock. All APCOA colleagues are trained in-house in the areas of customer service, conflict management, equipment operations, and health and safety.

About Park Mark

Park Mark® is the registered trademark logo of the Safer Parking Scheme, and is given awarded to car parks that have achieved the risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association.

These requirements mean the parking operator has put in place measures that help to deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, thereby doing everything they can to prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime in their parking facility. 

The Scheme is the initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and is administered by the British Parking Association.

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