We care about people.

APCOA cares about corporate social responsibility and sustainability that can be measured by the people who use, supply and benefit from our services. That’s why we offer special assistance to young mothers, differently abled and elderly people; and it’s why we invest a significant annual amount in road safety awareness campaigns and young driver safety initiatives.


We care about safety.

We do everything we can to make our garages, and your car parks, safe and friendly. Our staff are trained and qualified in site health and safety, and are given every opportunity to learn and grow in their careers. We’re very proud that our efforts have seen us awarded the Gold Investors in People certification in the UK.


We care about the future.

APCOA PARKING is already thinking about tomorrow. As a company involved in traffic and car park management we feel we have a duty to operate in a sustainable fashion, and to invest our knowledge and resources in lessening the adverse effects of heavy traffic on our roads.


Reducing pollution through traffic control.

We work closely with satnav manufacturers to reduce congestion in major cities, which is often caused by drivers looking for a parking space. We also provide clear, consistent signage to direct drivers quickly to APCOA PARKING managed car parks.


Reducing pollution through technology.

APCOA PARKING is committed to encouraging, developing and implementing new technologies for pollution reduction. To this end, we have installed electric car charging bays in many of the car parks we manage. We have also helped to develop low CO2 shuttle buses at major international airports, and consistently bring down environmental impact through our car park management operational procedures.


Better energy consumption in APCOA car parks.

We use LED lighting and proximity sensors on ticket machines to radically reduce power use in the car parks we manage. The result is an energy usage reduction of more than 70%. We also install solar panels on the roofs of major multi-storey car parks, and pump surplus generated energy back into the national grid.


Better living for your customers.

We’re committed to finding new ways to reduce energy, offer a better service to your customers and reach out to the local community. We offer social sponsoring, generous community investment and service packages designed to favour regular users of your car park. Our twin approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability – sustaining the resources you use, and sustaining the goodwill of your customers – increases the value of your business and your property. 


Our Achievements

  • CO2 reduced at London Heathrow using intelligent buses
  • Solar panels installed at Stuttgart Airport
  • More than 1,300 APCOA PARKING managed sites programmed into leading satnav systems
  • Electric charging points rolled out in the majority of APCOA run car parks
  • LED lighting and proximity sensors reduce car park energy consumption by more than 70%

E Mobility

Give more drivers more reason to use your car park. APCOA PARKING has installed charging bays at many of its managed car parks, allowing your customers to recharge their e-vehicles while they shop; attend conferences or corporate events; or travel. You’ll be staking your claim as an environmentally conscious service provider and widening the catchment of car park users who come to you.

We’re working together with international energy companies to develop electric filling stations at all of our managed car parks. Help your customers deal with the two main problems of running an electric vehicle – short ranges and long charging times – using our high tech parking stands. 

Car Sharing

A growth rate of 20% in the car sharing market is a significant figure for future custom. APCOA PARKING managed car parks can include fixed slots for car share company vehicles, with special rates for car sharers parking in designated bays. Reach out to car share companies, provide a designated place where their consumers can pick up share vehicles, and bring an extra revenue stream in from your property.