Added Services

We provide an extensive range of added and innovative enforcement services to complement our On Street contracts:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

APCOA use high-spec ANPR systems to capture and check information in a live environment.

  • Scan Car/Scooter – an innovative solution that performs real-time online checks for permits and paid-for parking transactions. Sending information directly to the central database, it enables an ‘intelligent deployment’ of Civil Enforcement Officers to non-compliant motorists.
  • ANPR entry/exit systems and airport and city centre car parks allow more efficient payment options and the ability to pre-book and use mobile payment technology.

CCTV and Monitoring Solutions

We provide a range of CCTV monitoring solutions from traditional enforcement vehicles to more high-tech, revolutionary solutions including:

  • Mobile CCTV enforcement vehicles Static CCTV for unattended Bus Lane enforcement and moving traffic contraventions
  • Digital CCTV back-office solutions - capture, review and process


Our Reporting Suite enables clients to compile, run and access reports quickly and efficiently. Utilising our reporting tool ensures that clients can view, print and export any reports requested, and to sort, break and ‑ filter all data extracted from their parking software solution.

This allows clients to:

  • Create their own bespoke reports
  • Review revenue levels
  • Make efficiencies in reporting times

Real-Time Mapping and Recording Solutions

Our proven GPS-enabled mapping system, via the radio that provides real-time tracking of the entire workforce on a screen installed at the operational base.

Its benefits include:

  • Real-time tracking of individual Civil
  • Enforcement Officers
  • Improved deployment efficiencies – ensured beat coverage
  • Printable beat reports to support performance and operational analysis as well as corroborative evidence for appeals
  • Improved customer/client response times
  • Panic alarm button and recording facilities
  • Reduction in complaints
  • Improved staff morale – CEO’s like it! 

Permit Solutions

APCOA Parking Permits are available in Virtual and Electronic versions, with applications and renewals available online.

The benefits to our clients:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Patrolling efficiencies
  • Customer convenience
  • Reduction of fraud and theft

Body Worn Cameras

The utilisation of recording devices worn on the body has made a conspicuous impact on the behaviour of the public as well as providing essential support and security to our patrolling officers.

Evidence from recorded files is time and date stamped and can be used as evidence in Court. Additionally, recorded information can be used as a vital training aid for learning and continuing development.

  • Incidents and complaints against Civil Enforcement Officers have significantly fallen
  • Disputed Penalty Charge Notices can be investigated efficiently and effectively
  • 34% reduction in the number of spoiled tickets
  • Public/motorist attitude towards the CEO has changed positively